Be our partner

What are the advantages and benefits being our partner? Why working with us?

Touch ME is an international brand and event management company. This new clubber trend is spreading all over the world. Now is coming at top speed to Europe and North America.

Do you want to organize a party Touch ME? Contact us and we will put to your disposition all the material and help you need! Invade your private parties and events of stickers and enjoy watching your clients or friends how they have fun with this new trend worldwide.

In addition, we offer free shipping of all products around the world! We can offer all kinds of material to organize such festivals. You can find clothes and accesories like t-shirts, pullovers or caps, stickers that you decide what colors you prefer, personalized flyers, posters, banners and all the artwork you need to make crazy private parties, events and more.

Who can be our partner? All of them who are interested in organizing Touch ME parties, whatever your country of origin. Night clubs, private or massive parties and events, we have all kind and sizes of customized packs by you.
In the other hand, you can be our embassador. What is this? The embassador engages and maintains regular and frequent contact with all those who want to organize a Touch ME Party in his city, state or country.

If you need more information about touch me partners, please, don't doubt to CONTACT US