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From Korea comes, since 2010, this new type of night parties trend called "Touch Me Party," which is causing authentic furor and has already spread to Singapore. This new clubber trend named "Touch me Party" has exceeded the borders and has been introduced in other Asian countries like Singapore and now is coming at top speed to Europe and North America. But it is in Seoul where the biggest clubs organize parties where you can kiss and touch strangers much as you want. Albeit with some rules.

Our only goal is to make the party memorable ...

The premise is simple, the party goers receive some stickers that represent different "playful" actions, so call them, which can be stick on any part of the body (including breasts, rear, private parts, etc..). These stickers serve to indicate that we have permission to perform such actions.

If you end up being bothered by someone carrying out those actions that have allowed yourself to get the stickers, it's your problem, event organizers are not responsible. Perhaps this is the kind of party you will not want to miss. However, all comments and reviews that we can read are positive and talk about the fun they have had at the party. Definitely a somewhat different experience.


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Singaporeans and koreans are awesome... When did this trend gonna come to occident, Europe and USA?


You are right. For this we are working to internationalize the TOUCH ME brand. Recently we opened a center in Barcelona, Spain that will handle the events and logistics in Europe.
In addition you will have at your disposal the TOUCH ME online store to buy stickers, clothing, banners, flyers... To be able to organize our holidays around the world.


UAU! I like it!! I will travel to South Korea only for this awesome parties!! Hahaha come on!


It's amazing, good parties.


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