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Touch ME Party OFFICIAL Website
What is this?

Touch ME Party is a new brand and clubber trend worldwide. We try to do a crazy nightlife. This trend was born in South Korea and Singapore and make amazing the night parties.

At TOUCH ME parties - Everyone is given stickers representing a playful action. When placed on a certain part of the body, permission is given for that particular playful act to be carried out on that particular area.


Keep yourself well informed!

This is possibly the most funny parties that you desire to go. Our only goal is to make the party memorable.

Do you want to be our partner and organize parties and events touch me? We design new original party & events packs for you...

So stay tuned because the summer festivals are coming soon and you do not want to miss out on any opportunities like touch me... We are ready!


Event Management Company

Official website Touch ME Party

This is Touch ME Party official website. A worldwide registered brand that find make different your nightlife. We stold original stickers and clothes and almost we organize parties and events around the world.

Touch ME Party worlwide

Touch ME is an international registered brand and event management company. This clubber trend was born in South Korea and Singapore. This is another way to enjoy the nightlife of thousands of young people around the world.

custom designs

Want to create your own stickers or sweaters and you send them? Customize and design your sticker TOUCH ME and make the difference!


We ship every order you wherever you are! We offer all kind and sizes of packs, stickers, clothes, flyers, banners and more accesories that you need to make crazy private or massive parties, events and more.

Be our Partner?

Touch ME is in expansion. We offer the possibility that you collaborate with us selling our products. Are you interested on dropship worldwide? Or... Do you want to organize a party Touch ME?

Contact us!

Do you want to organize a party Touch ME? Contact us and we will put to your disposition all the material and help you need! Invade your private parties and events of stickers and enjoy watching how your friends and customers have fun.

Seoul & Singapore Touch ME video party



If you want to organize your own party or event Touch ME contact us. Send us a message and we'll get back to you.
We also offer all kinds of help and assistance and, of course answer all your questions!

Send us a message

About Us

All about touch me party

Who we are

Touch ME Party is a registered brand and a clubber trend worldwide. We help and organize all kind of parties, festivals or events around the world. If you contact us, we will help and we will offer support and material and accesories that you need to make this crazy parties.

Our objectives

Have fun a lot! And make different and crazy your night life.
Get ready for what's coming!
Make the difference.